About Us

Oranje Tractor was established by the two of us, and a whole lot of friends, family and guests. So, this is our story...

With careers in the health field and a comfortable life in the city of Perth one might wonder why, a couple of decades ago, we packed up and headed south. Some might call it a sea change, but it is really about pursuing one's dreams ...and a little touch of madness!

In 2000, after we'd built our sustainable, energy efficient home and established the vineyard , we then opened our doors (and hearts) to travellers using the WWOOF scheme. In exchange for their assistance with myriad tasks around the farm, we provide good food, great wine and a comfy bed. During the past dozen or so years we have hosted almost 400 such guests, many of which we remain in close contact. You will see a small sample of them below. The couple featured with us in the above photograph are a lovely French duo who have now grown into a family and settled in nearby Denmark (Western Australia).