About Us
About Us

Bulk transport services that gets your business on the move and that you can rely on every time.

OD Transport is a leading Esperance bulk road haulage business that wastes no time getting your goods and business on the move.

Whether you choose to have OD Transport move a small or large load, you get peace of mind knowing your business is in safe hands.

Use OD Transport to get..

High level of service you expect from a business you depend on to get your business on the move.

The peace of mind that comes when your business is in reliable hands

An experienced team of owner drivers who understand your transport needs

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Who We Are

OD Transport was established in 1967 for the haulage of bulk goods.

The company has grown rapidly and now operate and offer modern transport services on a daily basis, serving the industrial and agricultural industries throughout the Esperance Region, Ravensthorpe, Lakes Region through to Perth, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

OD Transport is committed to providing you with first class customer service, and you will find that we are very flexible in meeting your individual requirements.

With OD Transport you get professional and experienced owner drivers who know the trouble-free routes that ensure reliable pick-up and delivery.

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Meet Our Esperance Transport Fleet

We have a range of vehicle types to suit your bulk, livestock and general freight transport needs.

We have the right large capacity vehicles for economical damage-free bulk haulage and Livestock transport.

Your OD Transport Fleet consists of:

  • Pocket Road Trains
  • B Double and Dog Combination
  • 8 Wheeler & 2 Dogs in end tipping units

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Become Our Transport Partner

We work directly with you to provide a partnership which yields a service that meets your specific needs.

OD Transport is a quality assured company that meets the ISO 9001 Standards Certification.

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