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For over 150 years, our business has been integral to the Australian agricultural industry. In 2019, Nutrien Ag Solutions became one of the largest agribusinesses operating in Australia, with a network of more than 700 locations. Employing the best and brightest minds, our business is supported by an extensive network of corporate branches, franchises, members and agents. Our team are experts in different farming areas, including precision farming services, marketing livestock and wool, agricultural services, finance, insurance, merchandise, water and real estate. We foster close relationships with our suppliers and partners. We dig deep into rural communities to provide value and service for the long haul and support Australian farmers to feed the future. Global We are a part of Nutrien, the world's largest provider of crop nutrients, feed, crop protection and services. Nutrien plays a critical role in helping farmers across the planet increase food production in a sustainable manner.
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“We are proud to work every day with Australian farmers and graziers, who produce some of the best quality food and fibre in the world,” said Rob Clayton, Nutrien Ag Solutions Managing Director. “As part of the world’s largest provider of crop inputs and services, we are 100% focused on supporting Australian growers, delivering innovation and expertise to the farm gate, and supporting them to feed the future.” Mr Clayton said while Australians are overwhelming supportive of our farmers, they are increasingly disconnected with how their food and fibre is produced.

“We’re excited to be part of this important initiative, which aims to better connect farmers with consumers and teach consumers about modern agriculture. The ‘We Are Australian Farmers’ campaign will help the community understand how and why farmers grow what they do,” he said.

“Australian farmers have so much to be proud of, they care for over half of the Australian landscape and sustainably produce food and fibre to feed our nation and many around the world,” Mr Clayton said. President of the National Farmers’ Federation Fiona Simson welcomed Nutrien’s support, saying it came at a critical time for industry.

“Our research tells us Australians are increasingly disconnected from the origins of their food and fibre, which can have serious implications for our future if left unchecked,” Ms Simson said. “We’re proud to be partnering with Nutrien Ag Solutions to share the facts about modern agriculture and remind Australians of the critical role farmers play in their everyday lives.” Ms Simson, who chairs the campaign’s Advisory Committee, said people can expect to see a ramp up in campaign activities over the course of 2020.