Norwood Family Practice

Over 35 years of personal care.
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The Practice

Serving Norwood from its heart.

The Norwood Family Practice is conveniently located in the heart of Norwood. Just off The Parade and opposite the Norwood Mall, the practice employs both male and female doctors and welcomes new patients.

Our History

The Practice was started as a new practice in Norwood in 1979 and has served the Norwood and broader community ever since.

Commitment to Care

A practice focused on patients and people.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality care and services to ensure the health of our patients, emphasising disease prevention.

All doctors are fully accredited.

This philosophy will be best achieved in a working environment where we recognize the patient as being the most important person in the practice and where we work in an ethical and responsible manner, in an environment of teamwork, with mutual respect for each other’s ability and functions.

We value you as a patient and would appreciate any suggestions you have that would help us provide you with a better service.