About Us

Livestock Health and Pest Authorities deliver the frontline livestock health service in NSW. Working hand in hand with landholders we are committed to safeguarding agricultural production from the biosecurity risks posed by disease and pests. We also manage travelling stock reserves, stock movement and identification and assist with drought relief.

  • Livestock health
  • Pest animal and insect control
  • Stock identification
  • Moving stock
  • Travelling stock reserves
  • Livestock Health and Pest Authority rates
  • Local LHPAs

Find out about

Livestock health

District vets and rangers work with producers and government to keep NSW properties free of disease and safeguard market access.

Controlling pests

Local Livestock Health and Pest Authorities coordinate a variety of group programs to help control pests on your land. Find out how to get involved.

Moving stock

Information on what you need to do before moving stock off your property.

Stock identification

Advice on NLIS, Property Identification Codes and other forms of stock ID.

Travelling stock reserves (TSRs)

Information about how TSRs are managed and how they can be used.

About us

The Livestock Health and Pest Authorities work collaboratively with rural producers, government and industry to safeguard agriculture in NSW.

Fourteen authorities, with staff at almost 60 locations across the state, provide the frontline animal health service in NSW.

Our core areas of responsibility are animal health, pest animal and insect control and travelling stock reserves.

We work in close partnership with Industry & Investment NSW and other government and industry agencies to carry out our goals.

Livestock Health and Pest Authorities assist producers in ensuring they have correctly identified their livestock and that stock movement is carried out in accordance with requirements. They also assist with drought and natural disaster relief.