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Northern Midlands is one of the largest and most diverse municipalities in Tasmania.
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Northern Midlands was created as a municipality following amalgamation of Evandale, Longford, Campbell Town, Ross and part of Fingal municipalities in 1993. It took in the major towns of Longford, Perth and Evandale, together with Western Junction Airport, TRANSlink Precinct and Ben Lomond National Park in the north, and the towns of Campbell Town, Ross and Avoca together with Lake Leake and Tooms Lake in the south, with boundaries extending from the coastal range in the east to the Western Tiers. Amongst the many challenges this posed were the integration of the many small communities into a functioning local government area, creation of a unifying image and identity, and formation of a single efficient administration which is supported by several local district committees to serve the needs of this expanded network of people.

Northern Midlands Council inherited some significant issues. One of these is distance, comprising as it does a widely scattered array of small towns across one of the largest rural local government areas in Tasmania. Another has been the equity issues posed by the demographic reality of shrinking country towns and villages in the south, and growing commuter towns in the north. Yet another has been the responsibility of managing some of the most significant heritage sites and landscapes in Tasmania, including the precious 19th century villages of Ross and Evandale.

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