North Queensland Hardfacing Pty Ltd - Mt Isa

Also known as
  • NQHF
Business Summary
Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing Steel Hardox Wear Parts Rebuilds, Repairs & Fabrication
About Us
About Us

North Queensland Hardfacing (NQHF) has been a leading supplier of Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing for over 19 years. NQHF has been leading the way in innovation, quality and creating cost savings for customers.

We have a great deal of experience in designing effective wear packages for loader and digger buckets while using the right material for the right place, giving exceptional wear life, while not overweighting the bucket.

Our whole philosophy is to cost effectively extend the life of components weld on, bolt on or pin on, cost effectively extend the life of buckets, and reduce the day to day maintenance scheduling on all types of plant, whether it be fixed or mobile, large or small.

The end result is better productivity, delivering real cost savings by reducing real maintenance costs.

Our Products

NQHF products include Tungsten Carbide Hardfaced Coatings on the whole range of Ground Engaging Tools (GET) for all types of Earthmoving, Mining and Quarrying equipment.

Suppliers of:

  • Tungsten Carbide Hardfaced parts for rock crushing, and minerals processing.
  • Full range of agricultural equipment including cane harvester parts.

  • Make your current parts last many times longer by strategically coating with Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing. Making those same parts last longer reduces costs and downtime.
  • Hardox wear plate from 3mm to 50mm and can manufacture any type of wear plate or cutting edge.
  • Chromium Clad plate CC1500 where a smooth surface is essential, ie Dozer skins or feed chutes.
  • Loader Buckets and GET, cutting edges, shin guards, heel pads and corner shrouds.
  • Shark and CAT underground GET Tungsten Carbide Hardfaced.

Our Services

Our capabilities Include

  • Workshop capabilities include welding, cutting, drilling and pressing
  • Stockists of Hardox wear plate from 3mm to 50mm as well as Chromium Clad plate CC1500 for situations where a smoother finish is essential
  • Rebuilding of worn buckets with the correct choice of wear product to achieve maximum life.
  • Our products will make you bucket last longer without overweighing them.

  • We can supply trucks to assist in the transport of goods to and from your site and give quotes on bucket rebuilds that include pickup and delivery. These come with Guaranteed delivery times

Our Trained staffs are available for consultation on your site to look at your equipment and develop the best wear package for your needs and conditions.