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We are committed to delivering the highest quality health care with professionalism and sensitivity.

All our staff are female and are very experienced in obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound. We only use entirely digital state of the art ultrasound equipment from GE Healthcare which combined with our staff experience provides the best possible imaging.

All of our doctors are specialist obstetricians (specialists who look after pregnant women) and gynaecologists (specialists who treat all of women's health problems) who have further specialised in ultrasound, high-risk obstetrics and reproductive genetics (the study of birth defects or inherited characteristics which affect decisions concerning reproduction).


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A convenient private entrance with on street parking is on Lingard Street - just around the corner from the main entrance of the hospital.

What should I expect from an obstetric scan?
Scans conducted during pregnancy are medical examinations. The primary focus for the technician is careful assessment of the developing baby. They will be more than happy to point out features and so on where possible, but will complete a full physical assessment first. • If you are 12 weeks pregnant, click here: • If you are between 18 and 20 weeks pregnant, click here
Can I bring my child/children to see the baby on ultrasound?
• It is preferable not to bring children along - small children especially. The scanning room is dark, and there is lots of equipment. Unsupervised children can present a danger to themselves, and we have a duty of care. • Children can also pose a distraction, and the sonographer will need to concentrate and perform the best possible examination. Another adult who can take a child from the room if necessary is essential if you are planning to bring a child with you.
Can I bring along a support person?
• You certainly can. Please limit the number of people to two(2), to minimise distraction as the sonographer needs to focus on performing the scan. Some of the scanning rooms have more limited space than others. • As with most medical examinations, having a support person can really help if you are feeling anxious, and it is wonderful to share the experience with your partner or another significant person in your life.
Can I have a recording of the scan?
• Yes. DVD of part of the examination can be recorded on request. The DVD's cost $15, the proceeds of which go to charity. • Patients are not permitted to take photographs or video recordings themselves during the scan.
Do I have to fast?
No. You can eat normally and this will not usually affect a pelvic ultrasound.
How long does a visit usually take?
Most visits are less than an hour from arrival at the ultrasound rooms. If a consultation or a procedure is also required, then it may be longer. We usually run on time, but you can ring before arriving to check this.
Can I find out the sex of my baby?
Often the sex of the fetus can be seen. Sometimes it can not be seen due to the fetal position. Some parents are keen to find out the sex, while others are not. If you want to know the sex, please notify your ultrasound sonographer.
How do I make a booking?
You can call us or send us a request via our Appointment Request link.
What are your opening times?
Business hours are 8:30am - 5:00 pm, with some early and late scanning sessions at most addresses.