Business Summary
We are a dedicated team of natural health professionals devoted to assisting you in recovering from illness, maintaining a healthier lifestyle and increasing your wellbeing and vitality.
About Us

Natural health care involves an approach to health that is more than just treating a disease, it is about achieving wellbeing. When one is in a state of complete and optimal health – physically, mentally and emotionally – they are truly well. As Nature does, optimal wellness experiences periods which change it throughout each of life’s stages, but by continually listening and being aware, you will be able to help the body achieve balance and have vitality, with the support of our natural health care practitioners.

It is all about feeling great…all of the time!

At the Natural Health Clinic Toowoomba, our practitioners work with you to help you achieve optimal wellness, using natural medicines, lifestyle modifications, physical therapies and other holistic treatment approaches that complement your body’s natural healing processes and promote long-term health through a focus on your individual’s needs, not just the disease or health issue.

Research clearly shows that disease can be triggered from a variety of causes, therefore it is essential to identify these causes and adjust or treat accordingly, rather than simply treating a specific symptom or symptoms. Surprisingly to many, causes can range from physical, lifestyle – such as diet, exercise, stress, sleep patterns, through to triggers from emotions and relationships.

By understanding your individual circumstances, we then strive to guide you in the direction so that you may achieve wellness and be at your best.

It is important to know that Natural Health care can be safely combined with western medical treatment, so no matter whether you are under the care of a GP, Specialist or other health professional, our team is committed to ensure that your health care is the priority by working complementary to and with these other health professionals.