About Us

Welcome to the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. We are moving into our 25th year of operation and continue to expand and undertake groundbreaking research in a wide range of areas.

The Centre is a hive of activity, generating new research ideas and working hard to generate research funds to implement new research projects.

The Centre has been strongly supported by the Department of Health and Ageing since its inception. The original aim was to develop research in Australia and to develop research infrastructure in Australia. NDARC with its sister organisations, NDRI and NCETA have concertedly fulfilled this role and continue to work hard to develop the infrastructure and capacity for research, treatment & training.

About Us

NDARC is internationally recognised for the quality of its research and is a World Health Organisation Collaborating Research Centre. As well as that NDARC also houses the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre and the Drug Policy Modelling Program. All three have extensive networks of collaborators across the whole country and across the world.

The overall aim of the Centre is to generate high quality research and evidence that can be put into practice in order to develop and improve approaches to both prevention and treatment of addiction related problems.

Research Areas & Our People

Research Areas

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National Drug Research Institute (NDRI)

he National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) conducts and disseminates high quality research that contributes to the primary prevention of harmful drug use and the reduction of drug related harm in Australia.

Formed in 1986, NDRI plays a key role in national harm prevention strategies through research designed to establish the preventive potential of legislative, economic, regulatory and educational interventions.

NDRI is located at Curtin University's Health Research Campus in the Perth suburb of Shenton Park and receives core funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.