Business Summary
From intensive medical treatments and services to general health assessment, Nagambie Medical Centre is the place where you’ll find complete information and services about various physical and mental health issues in a quick and easy way.
About Us

Our goal is to provide authentic care and support to the confused and stressed patients and to give hope to live a healthy and happy life. Nothing in this world can stop you from achieving your dreams, not even your health issues or any other disease. We truly perceive your difficulties and try to meet and give immediate access to your health needs including a dietician, general health assessment, immunisation, skin problems, oral health, or diabetes specialist. Also, we have emergency healthcare and digestive healthcare centres which aim to meet your requirements. We give you the best chance and environment to enhance your health, lifestyle and save your time and money as well.

Faster First Aid

First aid is one of the most important areas of health care. It should be given immediately if a patient suffers any kind of emergency and this is why we have nurses and doctors who are well-equipped and ever-ready to face any hard medical attention.

General Medicine

General medication and its implementation are the very basic need of any individual so we try to provide such preventative and alternative medicine which protect you from getting ill and infections. We have certified quality medication plans which will never cause any harm to your health. You will never have to ask for your desired medicines as we offer you already a complete careful and cautious treatment and medication.

Wound Management

In wound care, there are many factors which can be dangerous for a patient if it is not treated with care. Our wound care environment is highly-sterilized and clean which speeds up the wound healing process. Hygiene is the utmost important part of our wound management and since the healthcare workers face infectious exposure we have trained our staff with the necessary skills before attending patients.

On-site Pathology

On-site pathology provides extra convenience to the patients and helps them to obtain their medical test result in a quick time. With the team of professional and trained staff, we provide excellent diagnostic services to our valuable patients.