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Dental Surgeon: Jetty Road Dental Clinic
About Us

Founded in 1946 by John Thompson on his return from serving during World War 2 in New Guinea, the Jetty Road Dental Clinic began in the premises it still occupies, originally the Thompson family residence.

Jetty Road Dental Clinic today has come a long way since 1946.

As many dental practices in Glenelg have come and gone, 106 Jetty Road continues to evolve as a modern contemporary practice, still maintaining the principles of looking after patients' needs in a personal and individual manner with an emphasis on attention to detail in the dental care provided.

Services We Offer

It is important to us to ensure that you not only have healthy teeth but healthy gums as well.

Gum disease has been linked to heart disease and other medical problems and therefore we strive to ensure that your gums and surrounding tissues are in a good state of health.

We will provide you with a comprehensive maintenance and prevention plan to implement at home.

Here at Jetty Road Dental Clinic we can provide a range of solutions for restoring teeth that are decayed, chipped, broken or missing.

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