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The MAIB's scheme provides certain benefits to motor accident victims regardless of whose fault the accident may be. These are called no fault benefits.

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To provide a commercially viable, cost competitive, high quality personal injury insurance scheme which offers fair and equitable compensation for people injured in a motor accident.

The MAIB is a Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise which operates a compulsory third party personal injury insurance scheme.

The scheme provides medical and income benefits on a no-fault basis to persons injured in motor accidents whilst enabling access to common law. MAIB also indemnify motorists who may have been negligent in a motor accident in which another person was injured.

Which vehicles need to be registered?
Any motor vehicle that is used in an area defined as a "public street" is required by law to be registered and must carry MAIB third party insurance. The definition of a public street is broad and can cover both private and public land including recreational areas, beaches etc. The precise wording is provided in the Traffic Act 1925.
What is considered a motor vehicle?
The Vehicle and Traffic Act definition of a "motor vehicle" covers all vehicles powered by a motor. This includes electric wheelchairs capable of exceeding 10 kmph, ride-on motor mowers capable of exceeding 10 kmph, fork lifts and golf carts, and a wide variety of off-road vehicles in addition to standard passenger vehicles.
How do I arrange third party insurance?
Your local Service Tasmania Shop can assist you by arranging MAIB third party insurance for your vehicle, machinery or off-road vehicle.
Can I access MAIB brochures on this web site?
The following brochures can be accessed in the Resources/Publications section of this site: 1. Tasmania's Motor Accidents Insurance Board 2. MAIB Claims Procedures & Scheduled Benefits Payable 3. MAIB Off-Road Vehicles Personal Injury Insurance.
Where do I find your legislation?
The Motor Accidents (Liaiblities and Compensation) Act 1973 and the Motor Accidents (Liabilities and Compensation) Regulations are available online at Please follow the link provided in the Publications section of the website.
What do I do if I have a complaint?
If you have encountered customer service that does not meet acceptable standards, the MAIB would like to hear from you. We are committed to a timely and fair resolution of formal complaints and will ensure that your complaint is taken seriously. Any complaints as to the standard of service provided may be addressed in writing to the: Chief Executive Officer MAIB PO Box 590 LAUNCESTON TAS 7250.
Who is the Minister responsible for the MAIB?
The Shareholder Ministers for the MAIB are the Minister for Infrastructure and the Treasurer. The details of the current Ministers can be found on the Parliament of Tasmania website.