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About Us
About Us

Monte Lupo, a business service of Multicap, was established in 1991 to provide a career path for people with disabilities who wished to be gainfully employed in an area encouraging creativity and artistic expression. Today Monte Lupo employs over 30 people with a disability and several artists across a number of services.

Our Monte Lupo artists have developed a very distinct, individual, naïve style. The artists are able to express themselves freely through several medium including sculpture, painting, pottery, and screen printing. Monte Lupo staff find this freeness in the artwork visually inspiring and exciting. In these artists, one can truly see the infinite expanse of human expression.

Services We Offer

Blue and Green Bubble (2)

Blue Wren (2)

Cityscape (5)

Firework (4)

Red Lace (5)

Textiles (17)

Works (8)

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Monte Lupo is a Multicap innovation providing creative supported employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Your donation, large or small, will help Multicap support local people with multiple disabilities, their families and their careers.

Multicap is a registered charity and a deductible gift recipient and can issue you with a receipt for your donation.

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Why Choose Us?

There is an Italian town called Montelupo that has been producing pottery with paintings on white glazes since the eleventh century. Along with Florence and Feanza, the town of Montelupo has been at the centre of this style of pottery from the very beginning.

The decisive development in Italian white tin-glazed pottery was the arrival from Spain of the Hispano-Moresque of Velencia.

The island of Mojotca was a staging post on this trade route between Spain and Italy and hence gave its name 'Maiolica' to the Italian version of Hispano-Moresque pottery.

The works which were produced combined the talents of potters, painters and sculptors to produce one finished piece.