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Mitten Vinyl Australia is a fully independent, family owned and operated company, and is the Australasian distributor for the range of quality Mitten vinyl cladding products. Mitten Vinyl Australia also provides an installation service for vinyl cladding, and supplies a full range of cladding styles and accessories to the building, renovation and DIY cladding markets.

The business is supported by a team of dedicated staff with many years of experience in the cladding industry. Our warehouse complex carries large stocks of product for quick turnaround times.

Services We Offer

Mitten Vinyl are professional house cladding suppliers and installers of most styles of wall cladding, including exterior cladding, vinyl cladding, cladding systems, house cladding, gables, eaves, vents, shutters, fascia and accessories for new buildings and renovations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Cladding is the process of covering, protecting and/or insulating a building or home with another layer of material which is affixed to the original surface. Many homes have exterior cladding that has been attached to original brick, timber, fibro or weatherboards. Exterior cladding can also be installed on new frameworks with an underlay.