McRobert Contracting Services Pty Ltd

Business Summary
Pipeline Maintenance, Plastic Welding Pressure Jetwash, CCTV Pipeline/ Manhole Rehabilitation
About Us
About Us

Established in 1988, McRobert Contracting Services are proud to be a 100% Australian owned and operated entity.

Based in Perth Western Australia the company's rapid expansion since the early 1990's has seen them develop into a business whose specialised services are sought nationwide by both the private and public sectors.

Strategic alliances with major facilities managers and corporations such as - The Water Corporation, Western Power, Rio Tinto, BHP, Woodside, McMahon, Holcim, Power & Water (NT) WDS (Qld) and many others, has further driven the companies development With a reputation for maintaining the traditional values of personal service and professional acumen.

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Plastic Welding And Fabrication
  • Access Chamber Refurbishment (Patented)
  • Sewer Pump Station Refurbishment (Patented)
  • Plastic Welding internal pipe joints by Rotary Welding Machine (Patented)
  • Fabrication and installation of plastic lined structures
  • Scaffolding Systems (Patented)

Over the past 24 years MCS have developed numerous innovative systems and procedures designed to enhance safety and reduce worker fatigue.

We have managed to achieved these goals while improving productivity & profitability at the same time. Our systems are utilized by major mining and Industrial companies and Government Authorities throughout Australia.

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Platform Scaffolding & Bracing Systems

MCS have developed and patented specialised internal scaffolding and bracing systems specifically designed for use in sewer access chambers, sewer pump stations and other structures where there is limited access and a requirement for confined space safety procedures to be in place and adhered to at all times (Patented).

In 1997 MCS was the recipient of a prestigious 'Job Safe Award' (from the then Department Of Occupational Health & Safety) for the original scaffolding system, the system has since been modified to suit other applications and still remains in continuous use with our operations.

Pipeline Maintenance
  • Closed Circuit Television Inspection (CCTV)
  • Pressure Jet Cleaning
  • Chemical control of tree roots
  • Vacuum/Educting
  • Confined Space & Rescue Services
  • CCTV

MCS was one of the first companies in WA to introduce a remote controlled closed circuit TV system for inspecting pipe-work.

Our original unit was a 'Rico' system (that had only 50 meters of cable, poor lighting and no pan tilt head), a lot has changed over the past 25 years and the latest systems are like Rolls Royces in comparison and include sophisticated computerised systems for recording and reporting, along with longer cables. improved lighting, pan & tilt camera heads etc.

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Pressure Jet Cleaning

As was the case with our CCTV experiences, MCS was again, one of the first companies in WA to introduce Pressure Jet Cleaning to the state.

Our original unit was a trailer mounted 'Rogue' system (that had only 100 meters of (3/4 inch) hose, a small Myers pump driven by an air-cooled Volkswagen petrol motor and a 500liter water tank.

Again, a lot has changed over the past 25 years and the latest truck mounted units are (again) like Rolls Royces in comparison, they include improvements such as: Remote Pendant Control, 3,000 litre water tanks, 250 meters of (1) inch hose, (3) stage pumps with Stainless Steel heads, powerful air condition trucks with direct drive operating the high pressure water pumps.