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McNeall's product offerings include cast nylon sheets, rods, tube, nylon sheaves, sleaves,bushes,custom cast components and other engineering plastic products.
About Us

McNeall Plastics is the sole Australian manufacturer of AustLon® monomer cast nylon and Austane® urethane elastomer. The company is an Australian company, which designs, manufactures and supplies engineered plastic components.

AustLon® and Austane® engineering plastics are:-

High in durability and impact resistance; light weight; quiet during operations; self-lubricating; low in tooling costs and suitable for manufacture in large sizes. As well as our manufactured plastics which form part of our range which include:

AustLon® Polypropylene

Austane® PVC

Acetal Heat Insulating Material

Canvas Bakelite (phenolic) Polyurethane


Services We Offer

In addition to the three grades of AustLon® where the impact and wear properties and modified, we also provide fillers that enhance the performance of AustLon® further.

AustLon®-Oil filled: contains high viscosity, industrial grade oil which is evenly dispersed within the material. AustLon® oil filled material provides an oil boundary layer to reduce friction.

AustLon®-Natural: is free on any additives. It is ideally suited to applications where food grade compatibility is a primary requirement. In addition, natural AustLon® provides excellent electrical insulating properties.

AustLon®-Black: is highly crystalline and the hardest material. It is well suited to applications that require resilience to high surface pressures.

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Economic uncertainty often means that companies look for ways to cut costs. That's understandable, but cutting costs does not have to mean using an inferior product to meet budget. We often find that customers that are able to order effectively are able to reduce the cost of their purchases by as much as 25 percent.