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Maxell has been producing world class products in Japan in the fields of energy (batteries, etc.) and storage (tape, disks, etc.) for the past 50 years.

Maxell has grown globally and rapidly since then, placing itself firmly as a world leader in production, design and research in the many new and diverse products it manufactures today.

Just a brief list includes; consumer batteries, specialist and industrial batteries, award winning recordable media for consumers and the broadcast industry, RFID devices and systems, lenses, moulding equipment and much more.

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A finished or semi-finished battery is store under specified conditions for a specified period.
Capacity (Ah, mAh) is the product of the discharge current (A, mA) and discharge time (h). Note: Because manganese dry batteries and alkaline manganese batteries are often used for heavy-duty applications, the discharge time at a specific load is usually mentioned instead of the capacity.
Operation during which a reverse reaction of discharge occurs when electrical energy is received from an external source.
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