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About Us
About Us

Zacharia Naumann Optometry was established in 2003, and are dedicated to delivering outstanding care for everyone, every day and for every occasion and every application.

We are excited to offer you the very best in lens technology and diagnostic equipment complemented by an impressive range of quality eyewear.

We use German engineered lenses that can be custom made to your specific requirements. Our frames are hand-picked from across the globe every season. We cater to all tastes - offering sturdy, functional frames to quirky, hand-made Parisian frames. All our frames represent exceptional value and are backed by a one year warranty.

Services We Offer

Comprehensive eye examination includes:

  • Refraction to determine the presence of myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism
  • Retinoscopy, which provides a more accurate way to assess your prescription
  • Ophthalmoscopy and slit lamp biomicroscopy to ensure the eyes are in good health
  • Fundus examination to look for problems such as retinal detachments, diabetic retinopathy and ocular melanomas

  • Macular degeneration screening
  • Glaucoma screening, including eye pressure measurement and optic nerve assessment
  • Assessment of eye co-ordination, alignment and binocular vision
  • Assessment of suitability for contact lens wear

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a perfect alternative to glasses, particularly for sport.

Recent developments in material and design has made contact lenses easier to care for and more comfortable and affordable.

Zacharia Naumann Optometry specialises in hard contact lenses as well as frequent replacement lenses.

Buy your contact lenses from us at a competitive price and with the service you have come to expect.

Why Choose Us?

At Zacharia Naumann Optometry we set aside time to attend urgent eye conditions. Should you experience sudden vision loss, a painful red eye or eye injury please call immediately.