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About Mason Westover Homburg -Barristers - Solicitors - Conveyan

Mason Westover Homburg is a firm of solicitors and conveyancers based in the South Australian regional centre of Murray Bridge and in the historic town of Mannum.

Mason Westover Homburg serves the Lower Murray, Mid Murray, Adelaide Hills, Southern Mallee, Coorong, Upper South East and Murraylands regions of South Australia. For more information on our region see our links page.

Mason Westover Homburg is a member of the Statewide Legal Group which comprises a number of legal firms committed to providing quality legal services to regional South Australia.

Partner Jim Mason is a Notary Public providing notarial services to the region.

Conveyancing Specialists

Mason Westover Homburg can help you in all Conveyancing matters including:

  • Transfer of land - Rural, Residential and Commercial.
  • Business, Superannuation fund and Water Contracts.
  • Leasing - Commercial and Rural.
  • Contracts for private sale (see below).
  • Family Transactions (including Trusts and Estate Planning).
  • Application to Register Marriage or Death.

  • Caveats, Liens, Encumbrances, Easements.
  • Mortgages and other securities.
  • Land division and Community Titles.

Wills & Estates - Also Deceased Estates

Preparation of your Will

When you consult Mason Westover Homburg about making your will we can discuss with you such matters as:

  • Who to appoint as your executors and trustees.
  • Who to appoint as guardians of your infant children.
  • What assets you can dispose of by your will.
  • What liabilities you need to provide for by your will.
  • Who you wish to benefit from your will.


How can Mason Westover Homburg Help You?

If you have been named as an executor in someone's Will, it means the deceased wanted you to administer his or her estate. It is a very responsible job but can be made considerably easier with the assistance of an experienced solicitor at Mason Westover Homburg.


Family Law Specialists - Also Personal Injuries Litigation

Family Law

Consulting Mason Westover Homburg early can lead to an early settlement of the matter, thereby saving all parties concerned significant trouble and expense.

Even if there is no dispute between the parties and they have reached an agreement in relation to financial matters or in relation to the children, Mason Westover Homburg can be of benefit in arranging matters... that the agreement can be formally recorded and any tax or stamp duty advantages taken up.

Personal Injuries

If you have suffered personal injury as a result of the actions or neglect of another party consult Mason Westover Homburg.


How can we Help your Business

This page sets out some of the major services which Mason Westover Homburg provide to businesses. Use it as a "check-list" of your own business affairs.

Obtaining advice earlier rather than later usually proves to be sound commercial practice. In many situations legal services will overlap with the services of other advisers, such as accountants, and it is our practice to use a cooperative approach where appropriate.