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About Us

Mash Brewing has been part of the craft beer movement since 2006. We are proud of what we have achieved in those years and look forward to more success to come. We are not about producing the most beer and don’t particularly care for trends, we just like making beer that’s good. We are famous for being seriously unserious. We believe that beer is about enjoying life and that shines through in all of our products.

Our Head Brewer Charlie leads a team of dedicated and professional staff who make some of the best balanced beers in the country. We have won multiple awards in many categories thanks to Charlies epic ability to write perfect recipes and the boy's ability to keep delivering that same product brew after brew. Come down and enjoyed a meal while watching the fellas slave away. The brew house is literally surrounded by a restaurant.

We believe that the key to growing the craft beer movement is to educate people on the fundamentals that have made it so successful so far.

  • Never swap $$$$ for quality
  • Brew what you love and they will too
  • Push the boundaries of modern brewing
  • Listen to your customers
  • Be yourself and never to serious
What We Do
  • Copy Cat IPA
  • The Guv’Nor Pale Ale
  • Freo Doctor WA Lager
  • Abbey Ale
  • Challenger English IPA
  • Bad Adams Apple Cider
  • Indian Ale Summer Ale