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About Us

The history of Manningham dates back thousands of years to the Wurundjeri tribe whose way of life was closely linked to the natural environment and identified with specific areas of land in both a physical and spiritual sense.

In the late 1830s, the first European settlers began growing wheat, vegetables and grapes before eventually planting orchards throughout the area. The district's real windfall came with the discovery of gold in Warrandyte and by 1851 thousands of fortune hunters were trying their luck panning the streams and digging the rich soil around Harris Gully.

Local Government in the area dates back to the election of the Templestowe District Roads Board in 1856. The first meeting of the Board was held in the Upper Yarra Hotel at Templestowe. On February 28, 1967 the Shire of Doncaster and Templestowe was proclaimed a City. The Doncaster and Templestowe Council administered the area until December 15, 1994, when the City of Manningham formed as a result of local government amalgamations.

Manningham has retained many links to its cultural heritage with a large number of heritage places, buildings, trees and landscapes, reflecting the area's habitation by local indigenous people, early gold mining settlements and orcharding past.

What We Do

Council provides more than 100 services for residents and community groups. From supporting our children in their early years, through to assisting our retirees and seniors, we provide services for residents of all ages.

Supporting the health and wellbeing of our residents is an important part of our community services with family and youth services and disability and crisis support services. Likewise, supporting our households with waste and recycling services, pet registrations and a range of other services.

Manningham also has many community groups and volunteer associations, which help make our City a great place to enjoy and embrace the sense of community life.