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144-146 Lime Avenue, Mildura VIC 3500

PO Box 1373 Mildura VIC 3502
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Business Summary
The Mallee Domestic Violence Service (MDVS) provides assistance to victims-survivors with or without children who are in crisis as a result of domestic violence.
About Us

Mallee Domestic Violence Services aims to provide direct services to victims of family violence. Services include timely crisis care response, emergency accommodation, counselling and advocacy services, referrals for appropriate support and group work.

This service aids victims fleeing violence situations and many children who witness and experience family violence. Other work undertaken includes the development and implementation of education and training programs for professional groups, communities of interest and many school communities.

The provision of support and assistance, through crisis and outreach services to people experiencing family violence;

  • Primary prevention services aimed at the community in general by means of focused education and media campaigns and secondary prevention through the provision of male behaviour change programs and programs targeted at children and young people;
  • Recovery response through the provision of support groups and other interventions to assist in recovery from trauma and grief experienced by those affected by family violence.
  • The target group for domestic violence services is directed to persons of any age who are in crisis as a result of domestic violence.
What We Do
  • 24-hour crisis support and intervention.
  • Crisis refuge accommodation: safe, short, medium and long-term emergency transitional accommodation for women and children escaping family violence.
  • Emergency accommodation for men is provided
  • Forensic medical services.
  • Support for victims wishing to access the criminal justice system.
  • Outreach services.
  • Community education and awareness raising about family violence and sexual assault.
  • Development and implementation of educational programs and school-based prevention programs.
  • Short, medium, long-term counselling, advocacy and support for women, men, children, and families to assist with making informed decisions about their circumstances and safety.
Do I need police intervention/intervention order?
No, the police do not need to be involved. Only if you wish or there is danger or if there is serious concern the police will usually take out an Intervention Order on your behalf.
Do I need to leave my home/partner?
No, you don’t been to leave your partner or home to access the service. Sometimes it is necessary to leave your home if it is a crisis – then we can offer alternative accommodation.
Can children access the Domestic Violence Service?
Children can access the service without their parent being part of service, however, if the child is under 14 years then parental consent is needed.
How much does it cost?
There is no cost involved unless accommodated in one of our transitional houses, then rent is paid and you provide your own food. Counselling sessions are free.
How long do I need to wait for an appointment?
When there is a crisis, appointments are usually available immediately. However, if not a crisis there may sometimes be a wait of a day.
How long can I attend?
There is no limit to the number of times that you can attend counselling sessions or access the service.
What things do I need to bring if I go into refuge?
If you need to go into refuge the things to bring if possible include - key cards, bank books, health care cards, maybe any significant personal items e.g. photos, trinkets. If there are children involved - a favourite toy, any items of clothing - babies bottles - formula (we will supply if unable to bring)
Do I need to have a doctor’s report?
No, a doctor’s report if there has been any injuries is not necessary however, it may be important and used later as evidence if required.
Will my partner be able to find me?
Your partner will not be able to find you in MDVS accommodation – the location is strictly confidential and should he phone – there is no information given as to whether you are accessing the service.