21 Pitcairn Street, Glenorchy TAS 7010

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About Us

Our services and programs place a strong focus on working in partnership with people with disability and their families and carers. We support people to reach their full potential at home, at work and in their community life. From the very beginning, OAK has grown to become an innovative organisation, evolving with personalised services that drive true inclusion.

OAK is a professional and flexible, as well as being an Employer of Choice. It is in excellent shape to meet the future, as the disability sector undergoes profound change with the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolled out across Australia.

What We Do

As devoted as family to honouring the special needs of individuals... while opening door to new possibilities.

For many Tasmanians with a disability, it can be easy to feel isolated from the community and distanced from the rich life experiences that others have access to.

At OAK Tasmania, we recognise the incredible role that primary care givers have in creating genuine life opportunities for those they care for. And while we would never claim to replace the priceless gift of family, we are unyielding in our devotion to creating an arena of safe, nurtured support... of deep trust and connection, and... of friendship, learning and new possibilities on all levels.