M&C Saatchi Pty Limited

About Us
Our Approach

M&C Saatchi is founded on the principle of Brutal Simplicity

...in what we do

...of structure

...in our culture

Brutal Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do. From creative thinking to creative work. From how we are structured to the systems we use. Brutal Simplicity runs through the culture of every single one of our offices, all around the world.

Global Network

M&C Saatchi is the only agency to be international from birth. It was born in 1995 in London, Sydney, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2004, M&C Saatchi floated 49% of the agency on AIM.

There are currently 17 offices in 12 countries around the world. All share the same entrepreneurial spirit. All are founded on a shared belief.

Brutal Simplicity...in what we do

It's easier to complicate than to simplify. Simple messages enter the brain quicker and stay there longer. Brutal Simplicity of Thought is a painful necessity.

The strongest brands are the simplest.

The most valuable can be described in one word.

We provide our clients with the global ownership of one word.

One word equity requires Brutal Simplicity of Thought.

Once we have found and tested the word, we spread the word. Across borders and disciplines.

Brutal Simplicity...of structure

Our structure is built around one word equity. All our offices in all disciplines are focused on the word. Nothing else gets in the way. 16 offices; 11 countries; 8 disciplines; one word.

By structuring ourselves around the word, we deliver using brutally simple systems.

Brutal Simplicity...in our culture

All of our offices are founded, from scratch, on this consistent belief.

Our offices were born not bought.

We are the youngest worldwide network.

We have the same spirit everywhere.

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