Business Summary
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About Us

LMPA began work as a Cluster Manager in 2004, when a parent operated central enrolment service gathered a number of kindergartens to work together as one organisation. Today, LMPA works to ensure that the services in the Loddon Mallee cluster are leading the way in times of rapid change for the early years. LMPA has developed a reputation as a strong and effective kindergarten cluster management group.

What We Do

Loddon Mallee Preschool Association currently manages 24 kindergarten services across Central Victoria, comprising over 100 permanent staff.

LMPA also manages an emergency staff listing that is highly sought after of around 80 members for casual, emergency, short and long term relief positions.

The LMPA team supports a high quality team of educators with expectation that staff operates professionally, equitably and continues to grow and develop as an educator throughout their working life. LMPA expects a high level of collegiate support and has established sharing networks requiring commitment and involvement of all educators.

The LMPA team aims to provide environments for children that nurture, inspire, educate and offer a sense of belonging.