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We offer a range of services for the NT community, including legal information, legal advice, representation, family dispute resolution, and education services.
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Legal Aid Helpline

Experiencing Legal Problems?

Take your first step towards a solution

Call the Legal Aid Helpline

1800 019 343

Available to everyone regardless of financial circumstance

Free information from qualified operators, who can:

  • Send you written information to help you understand your situation
  • Help you work out what to do next
  • Advise you of the best place to go if you need further assistance
  • Arrange an appointment for free legal advice

For Indigenous and other non-English speaking clients click here for more information.

Legal Advice

You can get free advice on any matter by making an appointment to see a lawyer at your nearest Legal Aid office.

The NT Legal Aid Commission provides legal advice in family law, criminal law and civil law matters.

You must make an appointment to attend a clinic. Ring the Legal Aid Helpline on 1800 019 343. The Helpline Operator will be able to discuss what type of matter you need assistance with and put you through to the right office and section at Legal Aid to make your appointment. You can obtain advice by telephone if you have a disability or live in a remote area.

Useful Contacts
How Does Legal Aid Work?

The NT Legal Aid Commission is an independent statutory Commission and provides access to the law and legal assistance to people who are unable to afford the services of a private lawyer. Legal Aid in the NT usually only assists in matters that are before the Courts in the Northern Territory, but assistance can be given to apply for aid from another Commission in another State or Territory.

Initial assistance is provided by in-house lawyers employed by the Commission or private lawyers who will accept legal aid cases and are paid by the Commission. Any person is entitled to an initial advice session on any matter. This service is free.

If you are granted ongoing legal assistance you will be required to pay a small initial contribution.

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Community Legal Education

The NT Legal Aid Commission develops legal education materials and information sessions for particular interest groups and schools. If you would like to discuss the legal needs of your community contact the Community Legal Education Officer at the Commission on 8999 3000.