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Discovering your next Komatsu Forestry machine starts here. Take a closer look at all the new features. All the power. All the advantages, all in the color of quality. Compare the features and choose the right machine for your specific needs. Welcome to your World och Komatsu Forest!

Forestry Quality

Komatsu Forest once again sets a new standard for truly effective and sustainable forestry. Technical innovations. Product and production development. Service commitments. It will be an exciting journey and a deepened relationship with our owner that will bring new advantages to our customers, in every aspect.

The first visual sign of this is that the red machines now are called Komatsu. From now on, it's all about quality. Forestry Quality.

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Spare Parts & ProSelect
Spare Parts

For long-term economy, using Komatsu original spare parts always gives you the best value. All parts in our machines are designed and dimensioned for optimal mutual performance. This allows longer length of life as well as maximum performance and reliability. Keep your Komatsu and make the most of your investment!


ProSelect is our unique assortment of spareparts, accessories and consumables for forestry machines. The chief purpose of ProSelect is to provide you with the prerequisites for increased profitability. We do this through high quality, availability and a complete assortment of products and services that minimizes downtime and optimizes performance.

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Training & Simulators

The development of forestry machines has accelerated in recent years. Today's machines are in many ways very different compared with just a few years ago. Computers are now a major feature of the machines. Troubleshooting today is something entirely different from what it once was. At the same time, the demands imposed on machine drivers have increased.

Significantly greater utilization of the machines is now expected. Both forwarders and harvesters very often work several shifts, which naturally imposes heavy demands on service and maintenance.

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Can one really combine environmental considerations with profitable forestry? Our firm conviction is "yes, we can". In fact, we believe that environmental aspects are prerequisites for profitability in the longer term. Complying with environmental legislation and remaining within limits go without saying.

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What We Do
  • Workshops throughout the world
  • Well qualified personnel with expert knowledge of Komatsu machines
  • Service buses that enables us to remain close to you and your machine
  • Support and maintenance throughout your machine's service life
  • Maintenance agreements with fixed maintenance prices and other benefits