Kinglake West

Business Summary
Kinglake Forest Adventures Camp is on the West side of the road that runs between Whittlesea and Yea.
About Us

At Kinglake Forest Adventures Camp we take pride in offering camp experiences as they should be in this day and age. We deliver a blend of the fun classic camp that will become etched in childhood memories with contemporary expectations of youth development needs.

The Core: Outcome Oriented Programs and Food.

It may seem counter-intuitive that such core elements as the program and the food is how KFAC chooses to differentiate ourselves - but we do.

We have an exceptional natural surround and beautiful new buildings where great food and a warm hosting culture set the platform for fantastic staff to deliver unique programs.

We understand the value of documenting and adhering to standards in relation to our facilities and the operation of activities. We hold camp accreditation with the national standard ATAP.

We research, learn and train, train, train, particularly on the soft skills processes. At KFAC, each group has their own facilitator from the beginning to the very end of their experience - this is by far the best approach for achieving outcomes. In all programs we focus on making the experience physically and emotionally safe e.g. no bullying, no undue peer pressures.

You will see from our testimonials that we have a very strong track record of delivering great camp experiences - for students and teachers and organisations alike. You will also notice in these testimonials that KFAC food is acclaimed!

We have a great team, with tremendous experience, who have a passion for people and the outdoors! We are very proud of what we achieve with each and every camp.