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Business Summary
We provide the knowledge, expertise and technology to help you enjoy a lifetime of healthy sight and comfortable vision.
About Us

At Kevin Hackett Optometrist, it is our passion to improve our patients’ quality of life through optimised visual performance. Utilising the latest technology equipment for examinations; high performance lenses; personal styling; unique eyewear collections and an expertly trained team, we are committed to maximising your visual and ocular health, today and into the future.

Can most people wear contact lenses?
Yes, absolutely! Contact lens technology has improved to a point where we can fit lenses for almost all types of prescriptions. Lenses are now more breathable, comfortable and resistant to dryness. As well as correcting distance vision problems such as short sightedness and astigmatism, we can now correct near vision problems.
Are most prescriptions available in sunglasses?
Yes! All of our high quality and fashionable sunglass styles in store have been carefully selected so that we can offer impressive sunglasses to everyone – both those with or without prescription needs.
Am I suitable for laser surgery?
Many factors determine your suitability for laser surgery. They include the type and amount of prescription that needs to be corrected as well as the thickness of your cornea. Your vision also needs to be stable before considering any treatment.
Payment Methods
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