About Us
How long are the lessons?
First lessons in the Heavy Rigid trucks are recommended to be one hour as the first lesson is often quite exhausting. Subsequent lessons can be booked for two hours. Heavy Combination and Multi Combination lessons are usually booked for two hours or longer as these are usually undertaken by experienced drivers who already have a truck licence. The smaller Light and Medium Rigid Trucks are often booked in a three to four hour block including your assessment at the end of it.
What can I do to keep the costs down?
The simple answer here knows your road rules. All too often our instructors are spending hours teaching drivers the road rules they should already know. To pass the assessment you need to put in an almost perfect drive. The small numbers of people who fail the assessment usually do so because their road rules are not up to scratch. For example, do you know how to indicate at a roundabout? How many times does your indicator have to flash before you change lanes?
What do I need to do before I can book a lesson?
You will need to have held a C class Car licence for at least one year for Light and Medium Rigid Trucks and for two years for Heavy Rigid classes. For Heavy and Multi Combination classes you will need to have held a Heavy Rigid licence for one year. You need to get your learners permit with The Department of Transport, which must be carried on you during all lessons and produced on the test day with Department of Transport. As soon as they have issued this you are ready to drive.
I only have an Automatic car licence. Can I still learn to drive a truck?
The short answer is YES! We frequently teach people who have an auto licence to drive trucks. In many ways it is easier to teach auto drivers than manual drivers. Driving a truck, especially those with a Road Ranger gearbox is very different from driving a four on the floor manual car. In fact manual drivers often find it harder to change gear than Auto drivers who have never used a clutch or gearbox in their life.
Why do most Keen Bros Trucks have a Volkswagen Beetle on the back?
The Beetle is not just there for cosmetic purposes although we think it looks good. If you look carefully at Herby you will see it is full of concrete. The reason being is that the truck has to be seventy per cent loaded for you to do a driving test. We felt that the novelty of a Beetle looked better than plain drab concrete blocks. So poor old Herby now weighs about eight tons.
When are lessons available?
Lessons are available at the following times: Monday to Friday: 6.30 AM to 5.00 PM Saturday: 6.30 AM to 12.30 PM.