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For over 25 years, Josco Surface Finishing Products Pty Ltd (JSF) brush engineers have provided a brush design service to Australian industry. We specialize in trouble shooting, problem solving and designing special custom brushes.

This website provides a means for varied selection of industrial brushes from our comprehensive range, manufactured to suit the needs of many different types of industries.

About Us

Josco Surface Finishing Products is a unique company among Australia's brush makers. We have brought together across Australia a team of brush engineers, with collectively over 150 years of "brush" experience, to trouble shoot, problem solve and custom design a complete range of industrial and engineering brushes for specialised customer applications.

Josco Surface Finishing Products is Australia's leading specialised brush supplier.

We will consult, design, develop, manufacture and supply specialised custom built brushware to customer needs.


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Josco Surface Finishing Products Pty Ltd has a combined manufacturing plant and warehouse in Adelaide, and two warehouses, one in Perth and one in Melbourne. If you are located in other regions of Australia, please contact us on our toll free number, 1800 064 061. Josco Surface Finishing Products Pty Ltd has representation in every other state and territory of Australia.