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The service is free and available to any business.

If you are part of the local business community you have access to an additional free resource that can provide you with assistance and advice when hiring staff. Our recruitment consultants possess extensive experience in the field of personnel recruitment.

Employers can utilise this expertise when looking for staff, as Joblink Plus can organise advertising for the position, screen applicants according to individual business requirements, plus conduct interviews at your premises, or on site or at Joblink Plus' interview facilities.


If you are entering the workforce for the first time, wishing to return to work or are unemployed and finding it difficult to secure work, Joblink Plus can offer personalized support.


Joblink Plus was established 32 years ago to offer assistance to the long-term unemployed and others in need. Joblink Plus has grown and now deliver services to over 200 communities through our network of full time, part time and mobile offices with the dominant purpose of offering compassionate and tailored assistance.

Joblink Plus is building the aspirations of our community by helping people to:

  • Build self confidence and skills so they can secure a job;
  • Access services;
  • Connect with others in life through family, friends, work, personal interests and their local community;
  • Deal with personal crisis; and
  • Have their voice heard.

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Driver Training

Learner Drivers

Our team of fully qualified RTA driving instructors can put you safely on the road. We also are fortunate to have Community Driver Mentoring volunteers who work daily with people who face difficulties in obtaining a drivers license, and provide guidance and time to enable them to do so. These volunteers are more than just people assisting with 'the basics' of learning to drive.

They become positive role models for our learners, building relationships that teach life skills and empowering our learners to be more confident in other areas of their lives, helping to unlock pathways to employment. Click here to go to our Driver Training website.