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Jade Pools is your answer

Building a new pool or even renovating an old pool is a big decision. Done right it will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Done poorly you are left with a constant headache.

Jade Pools build concrete inground swimming pools in and around the Sydney metropolitan area and have been leaders in the pool industry for over 30 years

Jade Pools is a family owned company that has been built on a combination of expertise and integrity.

If you are looking for a company you can trust to build your swimming pool, Jade Pools is your answer

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Why Choose Jade

John Daniel of Jade Pools has over 35 years experience in building quality swimming pools. Each and every project is personally supervised to ensure your new swimming pool meets strict quality standards. Some of our customers have had us build their second and even third pool! In the last ten years, son Matthew has joined the team and holds a Pool Building Licence in his own right.

Peace of Mind

  • Jade Swimming Pools is a family owned and operated business, and has been for over 30 years
  • You can relax in the knowledge that we also hold a "Category 1" insurance rating

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Putting in a new pool or even renovating an existing pool is a significant process & the decision regarding who does the job is paramount.

We have over 35 years experience & have won many awards - whilst this is great for blowing our own trumpet... it is our past and current clients, and what they think of the experience in dealing with us that ultimately matters.

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Every pool has its' own unique set of circumstances. Jade Pools has the experience that only comes with building over 500 pools. This experience ensures your unique pool build is managed and conducted with best practice workmanship. It also ensures an efficiency of project management that makes building a pool with Jade Pools a pleasurable process.

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