Business Summary
Helping You Begin Your Life’s New Chapter. When things fall apart, we’re here to help put your life back together...
About Us

Integrated Family Law is a Maroochydore legal firm, focused on family law matters. Our firm handles these matters differently. We provide a collaborative approach, seeking advice from financial and personal perspectives, as well as legal. This can help to reach a better outcome for your circumstance. Integrated Family Law want to reach the right settlement for you and your family, so we will present you with all the options to allow you to make an informed decision on your next move. 

What We Do

5 Things about Integrated Family Law

1. We’re not just another law firm. We know precisely why we’re here. To help you renew your life after relationship challenges.

2. We are prepared to do things differently and welcome your ideas.

3. We know that life is stressful for you right now. We’d love to get to know the real you, not just the separating you.

4. We are passionate about families, in all their shapes and sizes.

5. We are real people, and we don’t hide that from you.

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