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Fatigue Risk Management Decision Support Solutions
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InterDynamics was created in 1992 with a founding mission to visualise the way organisations work in a way never before possible, applying human intelligence, interactive software and the highest professional values.

We now work with some of the world's leading names in transportation, logistics, mining and manufacturing, providing decision support solutions and fatigue risk management methodologies.

While our business was born in Adelaide, Australia, we have expanded to include a nationwide and overseas network of consultants and developers to meet the needs of a growing client base.

Services We Offer

InterDynamics is a leading provider of decision support and risk management methodologies and software. Servicing an international market, our extensive client base spans the spectrum of shift work and safety-critical industries, including transportation, mining, logistics, healthcare and manufacturing.

Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) Solutions
Helping businesses identify, assess and manage the risks associated with work-related fatigue at both operational and management levels. Our comprehensive Risk-Based Approach to managing fatigue facilitates the journey to being a safer, more productive organisation. Find out more.