Business Summary
Care Services for People with Disability Older People and Their Carers
About Us

Interchange Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing services to people with disabilities, the frail-aged and their careers.

As a support organisation, Interchange Australia provides flexible and tailored services to community members across the disability and age spectrum to help maintain a satisfying lifestyle.

Interchange Australia provides an array or services to community members. These services span the age spectrum from children, adolescents, adults and frail aged.

The majority of services provided by Interchange Australia are primarily government funded and the guidelines for the provided funding specifies the type of service provision allowable.

By having a range of services that can be provided, Interchange Australia can provide a planned service, tailored to meet a client’s needs. A planned, tailored service allows for the provision of a continuous, efficient, consistent and a quality service delivery plan. However, there are needs that a client requires where a service or funding is not available.