About Us
About Us

Founded in 1981 by a group of 5 wholesalers, The Distributors have grown to 42 warehouses located nationwide.

The founding core values that the members identified were:

1. The development of a cooperative of focused owner operated businesses that are attentive to the needs of local retailers.

2. Delivering superior service to the convenience and route market.

3. Specialists in confectionery and snackfoods.

Today, we still uphold these core values which have served us so well.

We also pride ourselves on specialised customer service to the point where our service levels exceed 99%. Our ultimate goal is to deliver in full on time, every time.

Sales & Markering Information
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  • Amber/Green Products
  • Canteen Governing Bodies

Our Partners

At The Distributors we believe a strong, supportive partnership is vital to business success. By working closely with each supplier, we are able to present a number of opportunities to drive incremental sales. Above are just some of our many trading partners. Alongside our distinguishing service, we also offer:

  • Targeted promotional activity and marketing support
  • Speed to market for new products
  • The Distributors Panorama - the groundbreaking tool that monitors the industry's sales


Our members are qualified industry professionals with extensive specialised market knowledge. With service levels exceeding 99%, we ensure our customers profit from our knowledge. Our motto is simple - WE DELIVER!

With branches in all states and territories, The Distributors provide the only true Nationwide Coverage.

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What products do The Distributors stock?
The Distributors stock an extensive range of Confectionery and Snackfood brands. From major suppliers like Cadbury, Mars, Nestle, Wrigley, Smiths, Arnotts, Ferrero, Stuart Alexander and Kelloggs to the smaller suppliers and imported brands, The Distributors stock the largest product range in the route industry. With over 5000 lines, we are bound to carry the product your customers are after.
Will The Distributors deliver to my retail store?
With 36 warehouses strategically located throughout Australia, we possess the only true nationwide coverage. Whether you own a small corner store or are part of a national banner group, there is a member of The Distributors to service every retail outlet. To find your nearest member, call 1800 989 022.
Is there a limit on how much I need to spend?
There is a minimum purchase of AU$200.00 or contact your nearest member for further details.
What are the different ways I can order stock?
We have a number of ordering options arranged to cater towards individual needs: Sales representative Fax Email Phone Website Contact your local member of The Distributors to talk about the best options for your needs.
How long does it normally take for a delivery to arrive?
Depending on the district you are located in, a delivery can take anywhere from 1 working day in the Metropolitan regions and up to a number of working days in the regional areas. Contact your nearest member to get the most accurate time frame.
What service should I expect from The Distributors?
We offer superior customer service, extensive metropolitan and regional coverage, a broad product range specialising in confectionery and snackfoods and most important of all we deliver! Come and experience the secrets of our success for the last 25 years!
What kind of promotions do The Distributors offer?
We produce a monthly catalogue called Price Busters featuring the specials for the month, latest product releases, merchandising solutions, category reviews etc. The Distributors members also run their own promotions throughout the year alongside the national promotions.
I am not sure which products to sell within my store. Can you help?
The ideal product mix is essential for maximizing your business sales. We have invested in business intelligent tools that monitor all sales data and enable all parties of the supply chain to analyse their sales and market trends. By using this resource, we can help you identify which products to carry within your store based on your local area. Contact your local member for a sales representative to visit your store.
I have tried to merchandise my store but I haven't noticed an increase in my sales. What am I doing wrong?
When remerchandising your store, appropriate shelf layout is essential for future incremental sales. Considering that the confectionery and snackfood market comprises of around 70% of impulse purchases, a plan-o-gram (visual merchandising guideline) can be a vital sales tool. The Distributors can provide you with a plan-o-gram that is catered towards your specific market and customers. Contact your local member to find out more information.