Independent Schools Tasmania

Non Govt School Association


Level 3 33 Salamanca Place, Hobart TAS 7000

PO Box 616 Sandy Bay TAS 7006
Business Summary
Representation, Advocacy & Support
About Us

IST is an association for Tasmanian non-government schools & affiliated to ISCA. 

IST is comprised of 33 non-government schools (Independent & Catholic) 

For our members we: 

  • Provide advice & support
  • Co-ordinate member submissions to regulatory/govt bodies
  • Administer Federal & State Funding in Tasmania

Our head office is located in Hobart, & we have a small regional office in Launceston.   

An AGM is normally held in Term 1 & a General meeting in Term 3.  

What We Do

We provide advice & Support for our members under: 

We represent our schools needs to government when they are developing new legislation & guidelines & provide resources for our schools to meet these.  

  • Work Health & Safety Services - supporting schools Industrial needs under Employment Relations & Child Protection
  • Professional Learning - supporting school communities & staff through IST in School Projects, Courses & Customised learning 
  • Services, Consulting & Funding for Disabled & Special Needs Students
  • Curriculum, Teaching & School Leadership - support & projects to improve teaching & implement national standards, improve learning & empower school leaders. 
  • Early Childhood 
  • Grants, Funding & Loan Administration 

What support do you provide for Early Childhood?
Through school-based project support, professional development, network meetings in-school professional conversations & feedback which will: - Improve quality of teachers & teaching, implementing EYLF, (play based curriculum & relevant NQF) - Improve quality learning, providing comprehensive literacy & numeracy support through implementing Letters & Sounds - Increase focus on the teaching of science & mathematics in Early Years.
What services do you offer for Students with disabilities & Special Needs Students?
Through Commonwealth Government funding, we provide special education consultants to help develop & implement of individual education plans. An appropriate Individual Plan will: - identify student's needs - outline adjustments & procedures for implementing strategies to maximise student access & participation - provide support services. We help: Staff- understands the ramifications of legislation for to enrolment & planning Teachers - to assess the learning needs of and outcomes effectively.
Can IST Assist with Grants for member schools?
Australian Government Capital Grants Program The Independent Schools Block Grant Authority of Tasmania (ISBGAT) is the authority in the State administering the Capital Grants Program (CGP). Each year, under the Capital Grants Program, ISBGAT invites applications from member schools for grants towards projects. Successful applicants receive grants normally spread over the three years following the year of application. For more information visit our website
At A Glance
Advice of Government Education Requirements
Assistance for Schools on Child Protection Matters
Services & Funding For Students with Disabilities
Assistance with Grants, Loans & Funding
Submissions of your Schools Needs to Government