About Us

Come in to Hunter Ice Skating Stadium at Warners Bay and enter a whole new world of frozen fun. Whether you're planning on being an ice hockey star, winning Olympic Gold in figure skating, or just having a bit of fun and learning the new skill of ice skating, the cool dudes at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium will make sure you have the best fun you can have standing up.

And if someone in your family is having a birthday soon and you want to spoil them with something different, Hunter Ice Skating Stadium can cater for birthday parties where we supply the fun and the food, and everyone else just concentrates on having fun on the ice. Work and corporate functions and social group activities are also welcome here.

Session Times

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Ice Hockey

Ice hockey has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Since Hunter Ice Skating Stadium opened the doors, the local club in Newcastle has grown - from the hundreds of members of the North Stars Ice Hockey Club through to the Proski North Stars who represent the region in the Australian Ice Hockey League.

Ice hockey at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium is played in both Summer and Winter, with the Summer competition being more serious and the Winter competition being a little more relaxed.

Birthdays & Functions

As well as the public skating, and the ice skating sports like ice hockey, figure skating and speed skating, Hunter Ice Skating Stadium is also the perfect venue for a party or function.

Birthday Parties for kids are very popular, and the party-goers can enjoy cake and refreshment combined with the fun of being out on the ice.

Fundraising can be done at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium, with a portion of the admission fees for some sessions going to your club or organisation.

School Sport - high schools can bring students for sport

Speed & Figure Skating

Imagine screaming around an ice rink at over 50km/h using nothing but the power of your legs.

Speed skating has landed in Newcastle!

Speed skating at HISS is on Wednesday evenings at 8:15, and focuses on the short track format of speed skating - the kind that saw Aussie skater Stephen Bradbury win Olympic Gold in the 1000m event at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

This form sees skaters whipping around the corners at insane speeds, their blades cutting deep into the ice and their fingers touching the surface as they lean into the turn.

Speed skating is a great way of keeping fit and improving skating skills. Ice hockey and figure skaters can both benefit from the techniques taught, and anyone just looking to improve fitness or do a bit of cross training.