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18 Roberts Avenue, Horsham VIC 3400

PO Box 511 Horsham VIC 3402
About Us

Horsham Rural City is a vibrant, diverse community situated approximately 300 kilometres north-west of Melbourne and north of the Grampians National Park, in the heart of the Wimmera region of Victoria. 

Horsham Rural City Council has a population of 19,801 and covers an area of 4,267 square kilometres. Almost three quarters of residents live in the urban area of Horsham.

Horsham is the major provider of retail, community and government services in the Wimmera, with dryland and broadacre agriculture being our major industry. The Grains Innovation Park, a nationally acclaimed agricultural research centre, is based in Horsham. 

There are a range of quality educational and health care facilities including secondary colleges, a university and an agricultural college. We also have a diverse array of natural assets including recreational lakes, wetlands, the Wimmera River, Mount Arapiles, the Wartook Valley, and the Grampians National Park is nearby.

Horsham Rural City Council includes the major centres of Horsham and Natimuk, and the localities of: Arapiles, Blackheath, Brimpaen, Bungalally, Clear Lake, Dadswells Bridge, Dooen, Douglas, Drung, Duchembegarra, Grass Flat, Green Lake, Greenland Dam, Haven, Jilpanger, Jung, Kalkee, Kanagulk, Kewell, Laharum, Longerenong, Lower Norton, McKenzie Creek, Mitre, Mockinya, Mount Talbot, Murra Warra, Noradjuha, Nurrabiel, Pimpinio, Quantong, Riverside, St Helen's Plains, Telangatuk East, Tooan, Toolondo, Vectis, Wail, Wartook and Wonwondah.

Council provides more than 70 services to the community ranging from emergency management, arts and culture and a Livestock Exchange to community and human services programs. We deliver a comprehensive range of building, planning and regulatory services, along with providing and maintaining important infrastructure such as buildings, roads, drains and parks.

Horsham Rural City Council is committed to working with the community to develop the municipality through strong leadership, vision, good governance, responsive services and quality infrastructure, whilst enhancing our liveability and natural environment. The 2017-2021 Council Plan, associated Strategic Resource Plan and the 2017-2018 Budget set the strategic direction for Council over the next four years. These documents provide direction to management and include the key indicators that Council will use to deliver key outcomes.

What is a Fire Danger Rating and a Code Red day?
The Fire Danger Rating tells you how dangerous a fire would be if one is started. It helps you to know when conditions are dangerous enough to enact your Bushfire Survival Plan. Code Red is the highest Fire Danger Rating.
What is a Neighbourhood Safer Place or a Places of Last Resort?
Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP's) are Places of Last Resort when all other bushfire plans have failed. They are designated community areas that may provide some protection from radiant heat, which is the biggest killer during bushfires. They are not inherently safe places and won't guarantee your safety. The safest option is to leave early.
What essential service disruptions can I encounter during an emergency?
You can encounter some essential service disruptions such as power outage or water supply disruption during an emergency.
How can I manage stress during an emergency?
The impact of an emergency can be stressful and exhausting. People are encouraged to look after themselves in this period. Talking it over with others often helps recovery from exposure to traumatic events.
Why should I leave early and how will I know when to leave?
The safest option in an emergency is always to leave early. Leaving early is the recommended course of action and should be your first consideration and included in your planning. Part of your Bushfire Survival Plan is to decide where your Leave Early place is and what the trigger to decide to go will be. You should remain vigilant on days of severe or extreme weather events (such as Code Red fire danger days) for warnings and other information about emergency.