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Herbert Cane Productivity Services

181 Fairford Road, Ingham QLD 4850
Herbert Cane Productivity Services Ltd is a not-for-profit company and funded by voluntary membership.
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Herbert Cane Productivity Services Ltd core business is to enhance the productivity of the sugar industry. Its mission is to improve the quantity and quality of sugar cane grown in the Herbert valley, in an environmentally sustainable and economically viable manner. It works towards increasing cane productivity, controlling disease and pests.



  • ​Soil and Leaf Testing
  • Nematode Testing
  • ​Pachymetra Testing
  • Weed Management Advice
  • Laser Surveys

Disease Control

  • Approved Seed Distribution
  • Crop Inspections
  • Quarantine Permits

Pest Control

  • Pest Management Advice
  • Feral Pig Management

Precision Agriculture

  • GPS Base Station Network
  • Cane Yield Monitoring
  • EM Mapping

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