Business Summary
Henri Nouwen House is a community based not-for-profit support organisation based in Bridgetown Western Australia.
About Us

Based on the ‘Holyoake’ model, it has extended its services to provide for ‘People in Crisis’ and became The Support Program for Positive Change.

With this broader base, it offers support programs for a variety of life situations. The types of life trauma include grief, divorce, depression, substance misuse, childhood issues, relationship breakdown, unemployment, blended family issues, current or past abuse and all manner of other life issues.

It is largely staffed and administered by trained volunteers, receiving some financial support from local shires.

The professional program at Henri Nouwen House offers a safe and confidential environment for participants, from Bridgetown and surrounding shires.

Conveniently situated in Hester Street, the lovely cottage with its charming old garden, offers a “Henri Nouwen sense of community” and a place to offer support to people in crisis. It is a welcoming, serene and private environment where cosy, restful spaces have been created.