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About Us

We are a consulting firm specialising in providing industrial relations and management services. We only work for employers.

In today's complex industrial relations environment, we provide our clients with solutions to their problems that are both comprehensive and tailored to their needs.

Our consulting team prides itself on the ability to focus on delivering successful outcomes, as well as on the close working relationships that generally develop with our employer clients. All members of our team are direct employees (we do not subcontract work to other consultants) to ensure consistency of approach.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services to our clients including:

Development and implementation of industrial and employment agreements (i.e. Enterprise Agreements, Individual Flexibility Arrangements, common law employment contracts etc);

On-site representation and negotiation when dealing with unions or other employee groups;

Dealing directly with unions (including on the ground assistance during periods of industrial action);

Dealing with government agencies (including the Equal Opportunity Commission, Fair Work Australia, the Fair Work Ombudsman etc);

Advocacy in industrial relations forums or Tribunals, including the WA Industrial Relations Commission and Fair Work Australia;

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Our Experience

Our consulting personnel have a broad range of experience in industrial relations, with each having particular experience or attributes that makes them a key part of an effective and very cohesive team.

Our staff have performed work for clients in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Mining;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Civil and Building construction;
  • Professional services; and
  • Retail and Sales.

We are sure to be able to assist you with any issues which arise.

Our Approach

Our approach to industrial relations and management issues focuses on problem solving. It is designed to provide protection and flexibility for our clients as well as to facilitate the robustness of arrangement/strategies we assist to put in place for clients.

Given the industrial issues confronting many of the industries in which our clients are involved, we have been strong advocates of federal industrial instruments for many years, including Enterprise Agreements and Individual Flexibility Arrangements under the Fair Work Act.

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