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"Stimulating regional economic development through water access solutions"

Harvey Water is a customer service business, delivering water to cooperative members, small private irrigators and industrial users. Innovative solutions have been implemented to provide access to water based on efficient and sustainable irrigation techniques.

Water is supplied via a gravity fed pipe and channel system, using some 2,000 individual supply points, sourcing water from seven dams along the Darling Scarp from Waroona in the north to Wellington Dam near Collie in the south. The system spans over 112,000 hectares, with more than 450km of pipelines and 250km of channels.

About Us

The water supplied is non-potable, or not suitable for household drinking and consumption. It is however, ideal for providing prime dairy and beef cattle grazing pastures, horticultural irrigation and water for industrial use. The regional economic benefits are enormous, with an estimated $100M in gross value-added production from agriculture/horticulture from the water supplied.

Harvey Water is currently working towards replacing the channel system for new pipelines, leading to water efficiency savings of approximately 17GL of water per year due to water not being lost through seepage and evaporation.

Corporate Profile

Harvey Water (formerly South West Irrigation) was privatised in 1996 and is a company owned by the local irrigators in a two cooperative structure. One cooperative owns the assets while the other is contracted to carry out work on them. (South West Irrigation Asset Cooperative and South West Irrigation Management Cooperative, respectively).

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Water Trading

Water trading is the process of buying and selling of water access entitlements, also often called water rights. The terms of the trade can be permanent, where the water access entitlement is sold outright, or temporary, when seasonal water allocations are traded.

This allows farmers some flexibility - you can irrigate more of your existing land without having to buy another paddock, or if you want to get out of irrigation farming, you can sell the water and stay on the land. Harvey Water Irrigators own water in the form of shares in the cooperative plus a corresponding certificate of water entitlement.