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Bins and transport services

Hart Metals offer bin services for large amounts of metal scrap, such as machines, forklifts, cars, trucks and roofing.

There are different size bins to suit different jobs. Tray trucks are available for large scrap pick ups, Hook bins for loose scrap and a crane on the truck for heavy unliftable jobs.

Site clean-ups are available when large quantities of scrap need to be picked up. A quote will be given. In some cases quotes are required prior to the cleanup. Conditions apply, for more information phone Hart Metals.


"One's scrap, is another's treasure"

At Hart Metals you can find the piece you need to finish the home project or simply just find something you want.

If you're interested in inspecting the quality and the range of goods, come to the Hart Metals Office and staff will be more than welcome to help you with you're inspection and answer any questions/queries.

Specific items can be easily traced at the yard by asking the yard manager; Dale Gillespie personally, or calling him on 0448 510 661.

Selling Requirments

Hart Metals requires 100 points of identification in order to satisfy the private purchase of any scrap.

100 points of identification includes:

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