Hardi Aged Care

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Also known as
  • Aged Care Hardi
  • Mountainview Aged Care Facility
  • Blacktown Aged Care Facility
  • Manly Vale Aged Care Facility
  • Guildford Aged Care Facility
  • Wyoming Aged Care Facility
  • Seven Hills Aged Care Facility
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About Us

The Hardi Aged Care Group prides itself on its rich family history, which spans nearly half a century in the industry.

Founded by George Hardi in 1970, the Hardi Group has owned and operated aged care facilities in Australia (as well as internationally in the USA), during this time.

George Hardi’s dream was to provide the highest quality of care for the ageing population.  To his credit, nearly 50 years later, the Hardi name still remains well known and highly respected within the aged care industry.

George Hardi’s original ambition – to provide the greatest possible enjoyment of life to those in aged care – also remains alive and well within the Hardi Aged Care Group to this day.

Today, the Group has six facilities spread across the Sydney metropolitan region, with a focus mainly on Western Sydney locations.

Hardi Aged Care’s homes are located in Blacktown, Guildford, Manly Vale, Penrith, Seven Hills and Summer Hill.

We provide care to hundreds of residents in comfortable, home-like environments.  All our facilities are well established in the local communities that they service.

The Group employs over 650 Australians and we have many long serving staff in our service, including some with over 35 years tenure.

Hardi Aged Care prides itself on being an employer of choice amongst aged care professionals and always delivering excellence in clinical care.

To deliver excellent care, our standard ratio of registered nurses  (and nursing staff) to residents is consistently higher than the industry average.

Following George Hardi’s death in 2000, his wife and lifetime business partner, Ann Marie, continued his legacy of owning and operating aged care facilities in Australia.

In 2016, George and Ann Marie’s son, Peter Hardi, took over from his mother.

Peter Hardi is currently upgrading Hardi Aged Care’s six facilities to continue his father’s legacy of innovation, and to meet evolving Australian aged care needs.

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