About Us

Pulse Health's focus is to be positioned in the private health sector as an integrated health services provider with operations encompassing private hospitals, day surgeries and community home care, and recruitment agencies.

The Pulse Health group includes three integrated healthcare divisions

Private Hospitals and Day Surgeries

Community Home Care

Recruitment and Workforce services

Pulse Health Corporate

Pulse Health is fast becoming one of Australia’s leading private healthcare operators. Our growth and success has been achieved by meeting the needs of the communities we serve, through the provision of quality care and creating the opportunity for staff to work in a professional and productive environment.

Pulse Health will continue its push into the market by assisting doctors and staff to deliver quality care to patients; underpinned by responsible financial and commercial management, allowing selective strategic growth in key areas.

Pulse Health Hospitals

Pulse Health has committed to providing communities throughout Australia with a network of private hospitals and day surgeries.

We aim to put our patients at the heart of everything we do and over the coming year these priorities will shape the way we work, so that we can continue to provide our community with a dependable and first class health care service that we are all proud of.

Our strategy is the improvement of market share through becoming a point of interface with the community, as part of a national network of hospitals and day surgeries.

Each Hospital offers unique services designed to specifically meet the health care needs of its community.

Community Care

Pulse Health's commitment to health care extends beyond our hospital walls.

Our Community Health Services help people who would otherwise be prematurely or inappropriately admitted to residential care facilities or into hospital, to live independently in their own home and within the community.

Pulse Health has recognised the importance of continuing people’s independence through the provision of home and community services which include Nursing Care, Case Management, Respite Care and Allied Health provisions.

It is essential that the whole population has access to health and general care within the community, not just focused on large population centres.

Personnel and Human Resources

At Pulse Health, we recognise the global shortage of medical staff and are therefore committed to provide high quality Nursing, Allied Health and Medical services to health facilities throughout Australia.

Our vision is to create a flexible and alternate health care employment network throughout Australia as well as ensuring that the current workforce is appropriately staffed.

The development of this network will ensure that we can supply Nursing, Allied and Medical personnel to health care providers in the private, public and aged care sectors.

Pulse Health aims to develop a reliable network of contracted and permanent employment services to our clients and customers and also provide staff with career alternatives.