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About Us
About Us

GMS offers a comprehensive range of services through a modern and high spec fleet, to meet the high demand of the oil-and-gas industry for offshore service vessels. We operate a fleet of highly specialised, new generation service vessels for your offshore operations. Chevron, BHP Billiton, Woodside Energy Limited, Inpex and Shell have all employed Gun Marine Services for various offshore services.

Based in Exmouth, Western Australia, GMS is a family owned business with over three decades of experience in the oil and gas industries. Our locally employed staffs have extensive knowledge of the local area. Western Australia is home to some of the world's most valuable resources - primarily oil and gas. Exmouth plays a vital role in providing a home port to most WA offshore industries.

Services We Offer

Support Vessels for Oceanographic and Geophysical Surveys

Gun Marine Services vessels are equipped to carry out both offshore oceanographic and geophysical surveys with experienced crew. GMS have provided these services for Federal and State government departments, private business and international companies.

Oil Spill Contingency

Dive Support and Shore Logistics Support

Personnel and Equipment Transfers

Environmental Investigations



Warrego is a 23.95m utility vessel designed to support a diverse range of Offshore Oil and Gas operations in challenging sea states.

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Komodo is a 24.8m utility vessel modified to conduct extended environmental, oceanographic & geophysical survey operations at sea.

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Calypso is a 24m vessel designed for extended offshore marine survey and environmental research. Calypso is equipped with an A-Frame.

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Ocean Spirit

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The Gun

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Utikka Rose

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Why Choose Us?

GMS considers health, safety and the environment to contribute equally to commercial and operational factors in managing its operations. To this end, the health and safety responsibilities of all personnel have been defined and allocated. All GMS employees are committed to the protection and conservation of their local and surrounding environment.

GMS employees proactively work to the highest standards of procedures and adhere to all client requirements to ensure projects are undertaken in a safe, efficient manner. All GMS Vessels undertake regular marine industry audits to ensure compliance. Audit formats include IMCA and the comprehensive international OVID system.