Greenhalgh Tannery Pty Ltd


Bunkers Hill

856 Greenhalghs Road, Bunkers Hill VIC 3352
About Us

Tanners of the highest quality leathers for the saddlery and craft trades.

Traditional veg. tanners of Australia.

We are a wholly Australian owned family business, founded in 1865 in the Ballarat region to supply much needed leather for the Gold Mining boom. Since that time, the leather produced by the firm has become renowned for both its quality and versatility.

Today, after five generations of tanning leather, the Greenhalgh family still embraces much of the traditional tanning methods used

by their forefathers, to produce leather of only the highest quality ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Speciality leathers produced include - Harness and Bridle Leather, Saddle Leather, Carving/Embossing Leather and Kangaroo.



Waxed Harness Leather

Sealed Saddle Leather

Dry Saddlery Leather

Saddle Bag and Seat Leather

Carving / Embossing Leather

Greenhide Strap Leather

Red Hide

White Hide

Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo Lace Thonging

Sheepskin Rugs

Bullock Hide Floor Rugs

All leathers, (except Red Hide, White Hide and Greenhide) are vegetable tanned, using genuine crushed Black Wattle Bark, sourced locally and processed on site. Those exceptions are processed using chemical derivatives to enhance their particular characteristics.

We offer several different colours as standard in our range which can be viewed by following this link - colours.

  • Tanning of your own cattle hides for rugs.
  • Tanning of your own skins for rugs. For example sheep, deer etc.
  • Stockist of general saddlery and leather craft supplies.
  • Retail outlet for leather bags, wallets, floor rugs etc.


We stock and supply a range of hardware and accessories used in both the leather craft and saddlery trades.

Items include:

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